Hi all,

As you may have guessed, I graduated in 2009 with a degree in Economics. Ever since I have been lost, with no career path or clear direction. Fearing this, I tried for and failed to get into law school, scoring a 154 on the LSATs as soon as I got out, now Im considering going back for another Bachelors degree and starting over.

I guess what I'm looking to hear is some advice and support from someone who was in/is in a similar situation. Economics is a dead end major, especially in this economy. No one wants a Econ degree when they can get a finance or accounting degree from the business school. I was thinking of taking a science major, or a computer engineering major. Something that has a direct career path with a job market (growing) that I can directly apply to. I'm really sick of what Econ has brought me. I'm sick of the vaugeness that entails, and pretending to be a finance/accounting major on job interviews.

Should I go try a County College first? Or should I take courses at my school I graduated from? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!