Hi Everyone,

I just joined this site after reading through some of your posts and seeing that others have been offering good advice. I am considering going back to school for a completely different degree, but don't know if it's a good decision or how to go about doing so. I graduated with a bachelor's in communication and psychology. As an undergraduate, I became really interested in research and decided to go on to graduate school (hopefully leading to obtaining a PhD and becoming a research/professor). Here is where everything gets kind of crazy...

I moved to a different city and started graduate school. I wasn't doing so well..and my grades reflected it. I missed class and had to drop classes. I ended up taking a medical stop out from school for a few quarters. I started feeling better, but it was still a struggle when I went back. I ended up finishing my Master's degree in Human Communication; it just took much longer than expected. I have been done for over a year now and still have not found a career-oriented job. I have been doing odd jobs (nanny-ing, call center work, etc) that don't pay well, which has forced me to keep deferring my loans.

I found out over a year ago that I have celiac's disease, which was the cause of so many of my problems. After completely removing gluten from my diet, I feel like a completely different person! I'm much more focused and driven and I'm realizing that I made so many mistakes that are affecting my life right now. I want to start preparing for a better future so I don't continue to work odd jobs for the rest of my life.

Which leads me to where I am now...I want to go back to school for Applied Mathematics. I am just at loss of how to go about all of this. I do not want to be a full time student and would prefer to work full-time while I'm doing it. I apply to work at universities all the time, with the hope that I can obtain another degree while I work there. This hasn't been working out and I don't want to wait around until something happens. I just turned 28 and feel like I'm just wasting my years waiting for something to happen.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!