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#219 - 09/23/2002 19:56 PM How does going back to school affect the family?
estelle Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/23/2002
I know that going back to school was difficult, it has affected my family, no organization I the only one? help, speak up collegues, would love your input! eek

#220 - 10/01/2002 16:01 PM Re: How does going back to school affect the family?

I too have a family. Kids in SK and shift working husband. Old house. Old parents.Travel 1.25 hours to university. I have to get really organized the night before going to school. I have explained my needs to husband so he gets why I get stressed. He helps and keeps me going with 'its only 9 more weeks til exams'and 'its just this year'. Perspective is everything. Your messy house seems more acceptable when its the mess of an educated household. I buy/prepare dinners in advance (ie. lots of spaghetti, frozen pizza, etc.) and we enjoy eggs more than we used to. Laundry drives me crazy but again, I just keep trying. Balance. It is worth it to stay up late and be a bit tired but organized, than to be rested and disorganized. It is a constant effort. I've been going part-time for years and am now going full-time.
One final note. I told my daughter that this year there are no clubs, dance lessons, etc.. and no campovers,etc... with Brownies. Its too crazy and it will change. She is very understanding and its nice to see her rely on herself a bit more. She is really learning to be a help in the family. I emphasize how much I need her to help me. Hope this helps.

#221 - 10/03/2002 10:13 AM Re: How does going back to school affect the family?

Going back to school with children both at home and at college is incredibly demanding. Needless to say, it takes a major toll on the homefront. A supportive spouse is very important. It takes actions, not just words to make it work. The kids are more understanding now that they're a bit older (13 & 15), and my college kids are very supportive. I let go of dinner responsibilities on my school nights. That was tough. But my son made dinner for him and his sister. I was very proud of his initiative. My husband ate leftovers. It's just a little painful at times. BUT SO WORTH IT!

#222 - 10/06/2002 18:55 PM Re: How does going back to school affect the family?
farmmom Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 10/04/2002
Loc: midwest
I am going back to school (am a mother of four). You have to have the want and need in your heart and your kids need to have it too.
Life is a wonderful but short term thing - please make the best of it. You can and will make it if you really want it in your heart.
1st semester four more to go


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