I'm 34, have two boys in Kindergarten and a third on the way. I do not have a bachelors degree but it is that "thing" that hangs over my head that I wish I would have done. I stay at home with my kids and have recently become very nervous about my future and what I would do if something happened to my husband. I have thought A LOT about my decision to go back to school and have decided I am very ready. Mainly, I want to go back big :) If I'm going to put in the effort and money of going back to school I want to make sure I will be making good income and have fairly good shot at getting a position when I am done. I am very good at multi tasking and am very dedicated to seeing this goal through. Going back to school and finishing my degree is going to be my 40th birthday present to myself - so I am willing to invest about 6 years going to school to do it right. That said, when looking at what I would like to go back for - I came up with these choices which, are by no means the easiest, but they all appealed to me for one reason or another: 1) Pharmacist 2) Ultrasound sonographer 3) Speech language pathologist.
My reasons for choosing these were first, the expected need in the coming years and second, salary. Hoping you all can help shed some light on each one and decide if I am aiming too high and setting myself up for failure or if these are do able with hard work and time. Thank you!!