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#223 - 10/01/2002 18:04 PM Please Explain

Can anyone please explain to me why colleges want transcripts from 8-15 years ago for one class. This makes no sense. A transcript showing graduation from an accredited college should suffice.

I have had excellent grades always above 3.25, but I had to withdraw from classes 2x because of work committments and 1x for personal reasons. But this was all 8-15 years ago.

I'm just wondering if it's all all worth the time to apply to go back to school for a graduate or 2nd bachelor's degree. Any insight would be appreciated.


#224 - 10/01/2002 19:36 PM Re: Please Explain

Are you applying to graduate school? Some graduate programs place emphasis on your cumulative GPA. This could be the reason they are requesting transcripts for all your college work.

Why don't you ask the school about their program requirements? They would be in the best position to clarify their policies and assist you. If you are looking for motivation to get a graduate or second degree, it won't be hard to find :) .


#225 - 10/04/2002 15:58 PM Re: Please Explain

According to a recent Census report, average 1999 earnings for college graduates was $45,400 and $99,300 for professional degree holders (medical doctors, dentists, lawyers, etc.) In stark contrast, the holder of a high school diploma earned an average of $25,900.

In answer to the question of "Is It Worth It?" It really depends on you and your career goals. :)

#226 - 10/06/2002 18:48 PM Re: Please Explain
farmmom Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 10/04/2002
Loc: midwest
If you have gone to college already but for a short term they may want to know your history of grades and you problem area of learning .They also look for your possible bypassed shortfalls. Please humor them if you feel that you can pass their tests then you have nothing to worry about, but if you can't then you can learn more what do you have to lose, brain food is good. Never be afraid to learn
1st semester four more to go


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