Hello everyone, i am 24 and dropped out of college after half a semester of struggling with lack of interest. I had a car accident last year, in which i lost my ability to walk and that made me think about my life. Anyways, i pulled through and i can walk again with a cane and i've decided that i'm going back to college. I'm thinking of going for a computer sciences major and i was wondering if it would be possible for me to finish my associate's degree (in its entirety or until i can go to a local college) online and then transfer to an on campus college or university to complete the bachelor's one there. Will there be any problems with this?, one of my cousins told me that doing anything online is overall not worth it, is this true?, also i am more than rusty on math and other courses, is there any place where i can get up to speed on these?. thanks for your time and i'll appreciate any answers.