I know you can't start form scratch, but boy do I wish I could, I did way to much hanging out and partying and I'm dying to start off with a clean slate
Alas, it is not to be

I started studying art, jumped to business administration and ended up with an overall GPA between both colleges of 2.87

A few years later I finally have the financial stability, the availability and the maturity to know what I want and stick to it


I can't get into Biology with my current GPA. The admissions person is trying to get me in through History. He told me that it's a way of getting my foot in the door and then I can take the necessary steps to change to Biology. Is this possible? I would not only have to up my GPA but also I would have to find a way to take some Math and Bio classes that aren't a part of the History curriculum. What do you guys think.
I suppose I would have to make the full change right? or could a person plausibly seek to complete a double major in History and Biology??
Any guidance would be much appreciated thank you