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#2393 - 12/16/2011 23:52 PM Headed Back--Questions
CMC Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 12/16/2011
Hi all, new here. I'm headed back to school but have run into a few problems. I went to college at one time during the usual time. I went back and got more, but had to stop again; lost my job and reached loan limits at the time. I should mention I'm without family or other resources. I'm going back, now since the loan limits on unsub loans have been increased. However, I'm running up against SAP time limits. Apparently once I reach that limit I'm not eligible for ANY financial aid, federal or institutional. Is it that way at every college, if they accept federal funds for their schools they have to abide by these rules? I've almost completed a BA in English. I'd rather go back and get something practical. I'd had a dream of being a writer, someone else's dream for me really, now very dead. I would prefer to get a 2nd degree, this time in biology, and perhaps go on to veterinary school. Long story, I know I'm older but have a NEED to serve animals (always have). Or, go on to grad school in something else. Any advice on getting/keeping financial aid...? I'm set up for spring and summer and beyond that, don't know.

#2484 - 05/18/2012 21:39 PM Re: Headed Back--Questions [Re: CMC]
jlowe Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 05/18/2012
Loc: -
I found this site searching for S.A.P. limit issues. For those that don't know, it stands of "Satisfactory Academic Progress." Here's a link explaining it -

At issue for people returning to school are the pace rate and maximum credit hour standard. If you made significant progress toward a degree (that is, a lot of credit hours) before having to drop out; and then find yourself in a different state, trying to go to a different school, with different program'll end up hitting that credit hour limit before you can complete your degree. (I've also heard that nursing students at community colleges run into this. The limit is much lower, and while sitting on a waiting list they'll work toward a "back up" degree. Problem is, once they get into the nursing program they're likely to hit the credit hour limit)

There are appeal processes, but I don't know how forgiving they are.

And there are also private loans, which are considered a last resort in most cases. At this site, near the bottom, there is a list of banks that don't require satisfactory academic progress -

The question i would add - does anybody know if there are time limits? I have credits that are well over 15 yrs old. At some point do they stop counting toward the maximum credit hour limit?


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