I have pretty much been a stay at home mom for the past 10 years. I've occasionally taken part time jobs here and there, but nothing major. For the past 5 years, any job I've had had been from at home. I have been taking a few classes to update my Associate's Degree in Medical Office Assistance, which I completed way back in 1998. My husband's job is now not as secure as it has been. I am trying to find a degree that I can hopefully complete in 2 years and that can earn me a decent living when I'm done. I don't have a fortune to spend on this, so I'd have to take out loans. I don't want to have to pay them back till I'm 60! I'm 37 now, so it would have to be a field that a 40ish year old could still get into. I love counseling work and nutritional counseling, but unfortunately, both of those require at least 5 years of intense schooling. My daughter is 15 now, but she does still need be to be around sometimes! I hear so many people telling me to get a degree online, but I've yet to discover a reliable purely online school or find a local college that offers degrees that you can do the majority of the work online. Has anyone here found one area better than another to get into. I don't like working with body fluids or giving shots, so nursing is out! Thanks!