Hey guys,

I am considering all three of these occupations (veterinarian, pediatrician, physical therapist) for my future career, but I can't quite decide which one to settle on... I'm a sophomore in high school now, so I know that I still have time, but I would just like to get an idea what some actual vets/pediatricians/physical therapists think and what your experiences in your chosen field have been like.

Here are my thoughts/questions so far...

1. There are only around 30 veterinary schools in the US, so this makes it much harder to get in here versus either of the other two graduate schools

2. Physical therapists make a lot less than the other two professions for the same amount of schooling... Call me shallow, but I think that if I'm gonna be spending 7-8 years in school anyway, I may as well do pediatrics or veterinary work instead and get paid more ultimately, right?

3. Are there any majors I could do for my undergrad that encompass most of the prerequisite courses for all of these professions, so that I can gain some experience in each of them during college before I make my final decision?

4. Any comments on experience in these professions, why I should or should not choose one of them, insight on what to expect at graduate school, are all appreciated!