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#347 - 07/22/2003 19:05 PM back to school
unixcorey Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/22/2003
Loc: washington
ok first off im 34. i want to go to college but feel im to old. im scared. 6 years ago i fell in love with computers and programming. i have been wanting to go to college since then, but didnt have the means. well recently my work announced there shutting down sept1 and the state will pay for all my college if i go. im really glad there shutting down since im way burned out on what i do and i really hate it and its really hard for me to get up everyday go into work and regret what i do. im scared to go back. the more i think about it the more i get scared. i guess i feel im to old to go back and that when im done i will be to old to get hired since the information technology field tend to hire young. so would my age play against me in getting a job? and am i to old? i dont know what to do. my dreams tell me to go for it. because i know that this time i will be doing what I want to do and not someone else!

#348 - 07/28/2003 09:08 AM Re: back to school
w Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/28/2003
Loc: CO, USA
Dont let your age stop you. You have probably read many other success stories here.
I took an early buyout from a telecom company in 2001 at age 33 and have been going to college full time to get my degree (I have 2 semesters left). I understand your concern about an ever changing tech world and you are probably thinking that by the time you get out things will have changed so much that you wont be able to get back into it. Look at this way - you have just been laid off - it will be difficult for you to find work in this economy -- those things that you are worried about 3-4 years from now are already starting to happen. You are only going to look better to a potential employer if you have an education to supplement your EXPERIENCE (and dont think that companies dont value that because they do)!!
I also have the same fears about when I am finished with school that I will be considered too old (just turned 36)that companies will not want to hire me, I will never regret having finished my education, my only regret will be is that I didnt do it sooner. The longer you wait - the older you will get. You may also be able to take your experience and work in the computer lab at the college - that way you can try to keep up your present skills while getting your education.
Corey - You have to go for it - it is scary but so worthwhile.

#349 - 07/30/2003 06:14 AM Re: back to school
Diane Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/30/2003
Loc: IN
You will be stunned by the number of older students. You will most likely be one of the younger returning students. I returned after my company relocated. I was 53 years old, and had taken two classes one in each of the previous two semesters, full time was a lot easier than part time. Another plus is the networking. My network last year consisted of a 55 year old vet, myself also 55 a 48 year old on disability who had to get a desk job (neither of these gentlemen looked to have a disability but I knew them well enough to know they did.)a 44 year old lady whose job went out of the country and a 50 year old man whose job also went out of the country. Sometimes the younger students left the common area when we all sat and discussed our accounting homework, but we were there to support each other thru success and failure. Eventually we got more students in our group and found they had the same concerns we did. You have one big factor, your memory isn't going yet and you will relate to the other students without being a parent figure. Good Luck

#350 - 07/31/2003 15:14 PM Re: back to school
iceprincess Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/31/2003
Loc: Tampa
I am 34 and started college for the first time almost two years ago. It was the best decision I have ever made.

As for the computer field, my husband and I own our own IT business, and MANY of the programmers we employee are over thirty, and just starting out in the technology field. We couldn't care less if they are 20 or 50, or 60 for that matter. Technology is the perfect field for an older student to get into. Many people are choosing it as a second career, and many of your felow students will be your age. Also keep in mind that while you are in college, (by the way, there are some great tech. schools that you can breeze through in a of couple years), you can get certified in some languages and get a job before you even get a degree.

My husband, before he earned his Bachelor's, bought a bunch of HTML and JAVA books at Borders, studied them on his own and in one year worked his way up the a six figure income without a degree.

Many of our programmers have never attended college, but have a knack for learning programming languages, and are earning a lot of money. But a degree is always the best way to go about it to have an edge.

And as for being old, the average age at my college is 30.

At first I felt the same way, but strangely as soon as I started going, I started to feel younger, not older.

Please go back to school! It will change your life for the better, and bring you opportunities that you never dreamed of.

Good luck!


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