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#351 - 07/23/2003 12:58 PM College and FT work?
lissaj Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/23/2003
I'm 35, divorced and returning to college. I am a little nervous about 'fitting in' but I'm more anxious about how to earn my way as I study for my BA. I have worked full time for many years in an office and I barely made ends meet. So, I decided to take this step of getting my degree to fulfill a dream and to hopefully better myself in a career I'd love. Fortunately, my college expenses are covered through loans, grants, etc., but I'm stressing more about how to pay for rent, car payments, cc, and other living expenses. I can only seem to find part time jobs around my schedule (and definitely not enough earnings to pay rent). Does anyone have any advice or a success story to share with me to help ease my mind and maybe encourage me to keep up the dream?

#352 - 08/01/2003 11:44 AM Re: College and FT work?

Get a cheaper apartment or a roommate. It will be difficult for a while, but well worth it. :)

#353 - 08/01/2003 12:09 PM Re: College and FT work?
Student at 50 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/01/2003
Loc: Michigan
Use your creativity and multi-tasking skills to juggle several part-time jobs (easier said than done--but I am doing it) cut expenses (duh!)and hang in there, it's worth it. It can be done. Just keep telling yourself you and your future are worth the trouble, and these difficulties are only temporary. Good Luck!

#354 - 08/14/2003 10:49 AM Re: College and FT work?

HANG IN THERE ! I know its rough - but I have done it and will be doing it again soon for my Masters...

First - if your college offers the Master Student program (Dave Ellis) or College for Dummies (php press) Take it!

Secondly - check with you financial aid advisor to see if work study or placement programs are available...

Last - MAKE A BUDGET, MAKE A PLAN, MAKE A SCHEDULE - really organize things and make it easier on yourself!

A full time position or a couple of part time positions may be to rough on your study time and your schedule with your family... Really sit down and make a plan!

Ron C.


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