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Re-entry Student GraduateWelcome to our online student discussion forums! This is the place to ask a question about returning to college, share information with other returning students, or just join in the discussion!

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#363 - 08/13/2003 18:44 PM I have just started.. and it feels great...
Backat36 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/13/2003
Loc: Puerto Rico
Hey, this is great. As many others I just found out about this site tonight. I have been literally struggling my way back to college for almost 3 years now. Taking the CEEB again, getting ready and keeping up with all the paperwork without the help of my high school counseling crue (because there was none)and assuring my dream did came true. And it did!!! I was accepted to the University of Puerto Rico, Social Sciences Faculty, Psychology major. I got in in two honor classes which, if I pass the class with an A or B, will grant me the exemption of 2nd year English and Spanish. I AM WORKING FULL TIME AND STUDYING FULL TIME. That means I have to take 5 classes in two days, so I start the day at 8:30 a.m. and end it at 6:50 p.m., every Tuesday and Thursday. I am married, mother of three, I have two dogs, a cat with three kittens.. so my life is very complicated.... but i am EXTREMELY HAPPY... and tired.. but it will be worth it.

I really look forward not only to keep in touch with everyone in this forum, but to receive answers to my email. I was wondering yesterday, going back and forth from class to class with my 18 year old roommates who are not sure if they want to be a doctor or an English major.. what a crisis at 18.. haha..if there was somewhere someone who was doing the same thing I was.. and I found all of you.. and it feels great.

I want to tell anyone out there that is still thinking about it.. DO IT... dont think it over. Time is running and you are still thinking about it. At least try it out.. if you cant, you will be able to say.. I tried it, I did my best, but I decided it was not worth it, or it was not what I expected.. but it will be extremely sad to keep wondering "How would it have been if I had done it?"

A big Caribbean hug to all my friends out there.

We should appreciate what we have instead of preoccupying for what we should not be... and enjoy what is, before it is not.

#364 - 08/21/2003 17:27 PM Re: I have just started.. and it feels great...
iceprincess Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/31/2003
Loc: Tampa
Hi Alma,
Good for you!!! You sound like you have such a positive attitude. I admire the fact that you can manage a family, pets, and school at the same time. It is really quite impressive. I hope to see you on this board again, and I wish you the best of luck!
Iceprincess cool


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