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Re-entry Student GraduateWelcome to our online student discussion forums! This is the place to ask a question about returning to college, share information with other returning students, or just join in the discussion!

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#371 - 08/23/2003 12:15 PM need to start over
guenevere Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/23/2003
I'm 26 and working in a insurance company in an office support role (entry level). I've been wanting to go back to college for the past few years. I know that I do NOT want to be doing dead end office work the rest of my life.
Yes, there is room to advance in this company but my options are severely limited with no college diploma or degree. It seems every new job posting that goes up in the company is one more opportunity that is not available to me because I don't have the education.
I work with well educated people who have those doors open to them because they finished school. (Bascially, I'm their lowly assistant) I feel totally trapped job wise.

#372 - 08/24/2003 13:39 PM Re: need to start over
iceprincess Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/31/2003
Loc: Tampa
You are exactly where I was when I was your age. But I put it off, and put it off, and now I am 34 and doing it.
Please go back if you really want to. It will be so good for your future, and it is the best investment you will ever make.
p.s.: wink You are actually quite young still, and will not feel out of place on any campus, trust me. ;-)

#373 - 08/29/2003 14:23 PM Re: need to start over
guenevere Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/23/2003
Thanks for your reply. I know it's a good investement... and it helps when someone encourages you to go for it! Thanks.

#374 - 09/07/2003 07:58 AM Re: need to start over
inabi Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/07/2003
Loc: ohio
I too would like to start over but I'm very afraid of how to. I'm 22, young by most of everyone's standards but I have the soul of a 35 year old. Anyway, I grew up in a very very VERY small town where pretty much everybody either gets pregnant while they were seniors in hs or drops out. I always dreamed of going to an art school but my mother decided from a very early age that I would not graduate high school so she never put aside any money for me to go to school and to this day she refuses help me. I remember about 3 years ago I tried to go to a school and I was only like $2,000 off from going to my dream school but my mother told me I was stupid for trying and made me cry on the phone with the fin aid counselor...and hung up on her! Right now I'm a starving artist an have absolutely NO money to my name in which to go back and I know for a fact that no college in their right mind is going to give me all the money I need to go to school. And of course being young, I have been quite stupid and have horrible credit so I cant very well get a loan on my own and my mother refuses to help me in any way. Am I just a lost cause and should give up or should I try?
Egyptian Tigress


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