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#382 - 09/05/2003 11:01 AM Single Mother Help.....
Hopeful Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/05/2003
Loc: Atlanta
I REALLY need some advice....I pray someone can give me some insight. Okay here is my situation. I am 25 years old and have a 2 yr old son. I have a GED and started at a technical school at 18. Needless to say,I did not finish,however I still had loans to pay back. They went into default,but I got them out of default because I decided to go back last summer. Here is the problem. I started and withdrew from classes because I was working 40 hrs a week from 1:15pm to 10:00 pm and taking 6 credits. Summer classes were over my head. I was trying to take a learning support class in 6 weeks. So I withdrew and said,okay I will go back in fall. Of course,I took out a loan and one in fall as well. Big mistake. I withdrew from fall, because of the same reason. I was at school/work my kid did'nt even know who I was.I'm trying AGAIN in January,but I am scared of failure.But I have to do it.I just don't know what resources are there to help.I am current on my loans,but I want to quit my job and go back full time so my child won't suffer. I am at my desk at work dreaming of being a nurse and traveling. My mother enrolled the same time I did and she's on her way to a university.My best friend enrolled with me and she has 3 kids and is on her way to a university.This is somthing I know I HAVE to do but I keep putting this job before school.Does anyone have any advice? I am tired of starting and not finishing,that seems to be my life story.I just don't know what adjustments need to be made. I really need some advice.


#383 - 10/21/2003 19:51 PM Re: Single Mother Help.....
Admin Offline


Registered: 12/10/2008
Loc: California
Contact the college or university you are interested in and see if they have any services for adults or single parents. They can offer advice and counseling and point you to helpful resources as well as provide support.
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#384 - 01/21/2004 07:07 AM Re: Single Mother Help.....
phd4me Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/21/2004
Loc: Texas
Hi Hopeful. Boy do I know your pain. :)

This is such a complex situation, it's hard to know where to begin! But first, it would be a big help to your nerves to follow Admin's suggestion.

There are some things you can do to narrow the field of choices available to you.

Decide whether you can or are able, or willing, to move, if necessary.

Decide whether distance education for some courses is available, and whether you are suited to distance education.

Question your expenses. Are there some you can do away with (such as cable, etc.) so that your reliance on a job is reduced?

Do you live within a town that has public transportation access to a school with your program of choice? Could you go car-less?

Does the location of choice offer low-income rentals for people who are attending college full-time?

One place most people don't think of (including myself) for financial help is your local employment office. I found out that in my small town I could get help with gas money for my commute to school. I never would have guessed! If I remember correctly, they also offered some sort of child care assistance.

I wish you all the best. Keep your chin up, okay?



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