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#459 - 07/05/2005 09:30 AM Going Back Hesistation
Ryan Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/05/2005
Loc: Boston
Hi All,

I graduated in 2003 from Northeastern University in Boston with a BS in Criminal Justice. Since then, I have worked within the Intellectual Property legal field with two law firms. I plan on going to law school however I want to be a patent attorney which would require me to earn another degree in a hard science before going to law school. I understand that this will require me to be in school until I am about 30 (I'm 25 now) however this doesn't bother me since I would rather be learning than just working. I am considering a BS in Biology, since science has always been a strength and interest of mine. Perhaps I should have majored in this the first time around but oh well...hindsight is 20/20.
My main concerns are financial aid, which I will certainly need and going to class while working full time (which is an absolute necessity). Any thoughts and tips would be great.


#460 - 07/14/2005 04:07 AM Re: Going Back Hesistation
WildEEP Offline

Registered: 05/07/2004
Well now that you've gotten a degree, the aid pool dries up more than before. This doesnt make it impossible to go, it just means that you have to shoulder more of the burden.

For the financial side of things, it really comes down to your bills. Gather all of your debt up and see what you owe to whom.

The more you get yourself out of your consumer debt, the better off you will be. Financial aid does not take into consideration any form of consumer debt. No mortgages, no cars, such, if you are making 100,000 dollars per year, but own a home, a car, & two cats - in the Federal financial aid eyes - you have just as much income as if you were making 100,000 dollars and living at home in your parents basement.

The amount of "Disposable income" varys greatly from person to person and the financial aid formulas arent all that great at determining that level of income. But /shrug, its all we have to work with..So

If you want hard facts on aid, we'll need more info. How much do you make, how much do you owe?

Are you planning on staying in the job and going to school part time?

Are there any major financial trainwrecks on your record? Bankruptcy, money owed to the IRS, and such.


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