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#461 - 01/31/2005 21:17 PM College at 58?

I'm 58 and retired last year after 31 years in management in industry. I'm seriously considering working toward a degree. My last college experience was so many years ago that I'm sure I'm academically bankrupt by default. Thomas Edison and Excelsior seem to be appropriate options for me.
Anyone on here had any experience as an antiquarian student? :)

#462 - 02/14/2005 15:46 PM Re: College at 58?

The question is not about age. The question is, do you need a new goal in your life to work towards? As an older student, are you more interested in the actual learning or just accomplishing the task? Is this a dream you cast off long ago or just something you want to say you did?
Maybe you can see where I'm going with this...if this really matters in the way that someone in their fifties can now understand how things really matter, you've answered the question. Take it from a forty four year old who finally got his B.A. And I have no doubt I'll go back for another degree in my sixties(by then all the people who would make fun of me for it should be dead or gone).
Keep the Faith!
Martin at

#463 - 03/18/2005 12:55 PM Re: College at 58?
rb Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03/18/2005
58 is not too old to go back to school for a new career. just don't do what i did and reach too high. i am almost your age, same type of deal -- early retired by force. so i went back to school. Doctor of Pharmacy degree. it's so damn hard that i have to study 24 / 7. and i still only get C's and some times D's.
and i have a lot of education. 2 masters and some PhD work too.
so choose wisely , take the rereq's and start all over.
i think i am the oldest PharmD student in the history of the planet. but you could try to follow me and be the oldest!

#464 - 04/04/2005 15:43 PM Re: College at 58?

Go for it!

I am working on an article where I am interviewing several “senior” students at a few different Universities. It is so interesting. One person just received their bachelors degree at 75 and going on for a masters. Another person got their masters at 92. So it is never too late. Besides it is great for you. A common response is that it is stimulating to be interacting with younger people. It is also keeping their brain nimble, and there are quite a few studies on this. When doing another article that is posted on my perpetual learner blog (link below) a woman 85 went back to school and they used her credits that were over 50 years old!

The sky is the limit!


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