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#498 - 03/12/2005 17:46 PM University prep course

Dear Folks,

My name is David, Iīm 21 years-old, brazilian. Lately Iīve been changing
some things in my life, regarding education/instruction. My story is a little
big and maybe boring to read through this poor english skill.

I was always a health and happy kid, and I think I had a normal childhood,
when comparising my friends childhood. But in their childhood there was
a thing that Iīve barely experienced: parental guidance.

Everiday I used to get home after classes (elementary school), drop my bag,
lunch and leave to play soccer on the street. During these days, until my
High School conclusion, my folks never driven me to study, never
gave me some counselling to open my eyes to the world and realize that I should
study to make a good living. As a Helicopter Pilot, my father used to have
good earnings and I always studied in private schools (the public schools
down here is very poor in all aspects), so, I thank God for studying in
private school during all my "academic" life.

So, I concluded my elementary grade, and, at the same time, I decided that
I would be a pilot, since I grew among aircrafts and aviation community. So, I
concluded my high school within 2 years (the normal time is 3 years) in order
to finish it in the same year that I would complete 18 years-old - minimum age
requirement for pilot course and license attaining. So, I didnīt thinked twice
and I terminated my high school through the worse way: in a short way.

Today I realise that decision was immature and affects me until today. Two
years ago I found out through a medical examination (for piloting) that I was
hearing impaired. So, needless to say, aproximately 2 years of pilot course and
dedication gone away.

Making it shorter: lack of parental guidance, wrong (or immature?) judgement
and settlement drove me to professional failure and I decided that the best thing
to do was to get my dropped bag and try school again. Now, this time, I realise
that, not only frustrated attempts, but poor instruction (basic, elementary instruction)
as well, follows me nowadays. As I said, Iīm back in school (not exactly a school,
but a course that prepares students who just finished high school to take
written tests to State Universities, not only to get rid of the high financial cost,
but to get a high excellence graduation, in order to get a worthy position).

I must say that I was never so scared in my life as I am lately, precisely this past week,
when I faced classes that I donīt only remember the BASIC subjects, but I also
donīt know nothing at all of it. I know, itīs a shame, but thatīs my reality.

I just got to know if this is a sort of thing that I could solve (considering the money
that my father is applying to it, but heīs a former pilot now, so, he doesnīt have
the same money that he used to have 10 years ago...) or is just a thing that will
follow me "to the grave". Most people tell me that I can do it because Iīm
mentally capable and young, but I must recall you that Iīm afraid and discouraged,
since Iīm unable to follow the classes.

The most terrible thing to me is watch younger people having no problems with things
that you once experienced and donīt know how to do anymore, or never knew.

I hope you understand me, and I hope that I could get an advice upon it.

God bless you,

David Oliveira - Rio de Janeiro

#499 - 03/14/2005 05:17 AM Re: University prep course
WildEEP Offline

Registered: 05/07/2004
Well David, the good news is that those kids look at you with the same envy that you look at them. I dont know about the rest of you but I know that when I was their age, I was so filled up with general angst. I grew up and let all of that go...which is probably why I'm a better student now than I was then. Its not about what you know or how easy a subject is..its all about desire and determination.

It sounds more like you needed a place to vent and this is a good place for it because a lot of us are there with you.

The good news is that, YOU ARE DOING IT. I know right now its hard and your struggling to get thru, but think on the other hand...If you werent doing it, you'd be sitting at home right now wishing you HAD.

You can do this. Dont worry about what the other kids are doing, its not a race. The only person you truly have to compete with in that classroom is yourself.

#500 - 03/14/2005 12:34 PM Re: University prep course

Thanks for the kind words. The truth is, I need to grow up, get more maturity. Unfortunately, Iīm very concerned about my image from the other peopleīs perspective. But, anyway, your words gave me a lot of encouragement and self respect.




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