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#518 - 11/13/2003 08:50 AM Time Constraints & age worries
abtitle Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/13/2003
Loc: Lafayette, LA
I am returning back to college this spring to pursue a BS and proceed to law school. I have completed some 30+ hours already but I am concerned that with a full time job (I own a business)that consists of CRAZY hours I will be unable to copmplete my degree in a reasonable amount of time. I am also concerned that by the time I am ready to apply to law school I will not be admitted due to my age (I'm 30 right now). Does anyone have any advice or similar stories/concerns?????

#519 - 11/23/2003 06:42 AM Re: Time Constraints & age worries

Law schools cannot discriminate against you due to your age! Geez man, you are only 30! I am 45 and just started college last semester and I plan to go to Law School after I get my degree. About working full-time and trying to go to school full time : good luck. Something will give, either your grades or your personal life. Try to find a happy medium or work a more flexible part-time job, get your wife to work or get some loans. Its just not practical. Otherwise set more realistic goals. At 30 you are still just a kid, whats the rush?

#520 - 02/01/2004 22:09 PM Re: Time Constraints & age worries
petronella Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/01/2004
Loc: Ohio

My name is Petronella. I found this site sometime in December but this is the first time that I posted. I have been reading the posts for new beginnings and felt compelled to reply. I am surprised at all the people under 30 who think that they are older students. I am now 33 and seemingly have not had the success that most of you have had without degrees. I have worked full time since I graduated both times but have always felt that I was underemployed. One of my reasons for continuing is that I feel like all my friends have passed me by in their careers. I am 33 and I don't own a house, don't have any savings, and live paycheck to paycheck. I'm not starving but know that there is a better life waiting for me somewhere.
I am not married and don't have any children. Most people always tell me that I am lucky in regards to returning to school since I don't have the extra responsibilities but I sometimes have the worry of not having the opportunity of meeting someone and having children whether they are delivered or adopted. It's not my main concern, as I am a firm believer that women should find their own way in life whether that includes the traditional family or not.

I have two degrees and am now considering going to law school. As a matter of fact I should be studying for my LSAT that I will be taking this Saturday. I am ill prepared, but I paid the $108 so I might as well go. I want to enroll this fall so I have to take the test in February. If I had been better prepared, I would have known that the test was offered in December. In any case, I had to sort of jump right in before I lost my nerve. I am still unsure as to whether I will make myself get up on Saturday morning.

I have been kind of psyching myself out by getting flustered over the test preparation books. I did not do well on the ACT or GRE but I still managed to get through undergrad and grad school. It's been almost seven years since I finished my MPA. Law school has been in the back of my mind since I was about seventeen years old but I never had the nerve. I have problems in the self-esteem department if you know what I mean. It's my hope (and with coaxing from a good friend) that I might impress the admissions committees with my personal statement, background, and employment history rather than be excluded due to my LSAT score.

I want to wish all the people who have posted good luck in their individual endeavors. I have to say that I am more than impressed with the women who are 45 plus returning to school, some for the first time in getting that initial degree. I don't know if I would have enough motivation and inclination to do it with family obligations.

Good Luck!

#521 - 02/18/2004 11:28 AM Re: Time Constraints & age worries
Admin Offline


Registered: 12/10/2008
Loc: California
Many adults in their 40s are taking the leap to go back to school. For more information, see our feature articles and special reports section.

Congrats to all!!! :)
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