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#522 - 11/24/2003 22:58 PM Want a BA at 45 yrs Old
BeginAgain45 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/24/2003
Loc: New York
Hi everyone. I'm a 45 yr. old female from NYC. More than anything I want to try to return to college and get my BA. My life started with so much promise and it all crashed to the ground 24 years ago. I got myself into one of the top liberal arts colleges, Swarthmore, and had to drop out because of a family tragedy and deep depression as a result. I've had nightmares ever since about the person I might have become with that degree. I'm planning a trip to the San Diego area to investigate the possibility of relocating in that area to try again. I have to get out of NYC and start my life over. I really want to be a part of a college community but I have no idea were to go or what colleges or universities might have the best opportunities for me to transfer credits from so long ago, or attain possible life experience credits. My attempts to return to college in NYC were so awful, it was so humiliating trying to communicate with people with little or no compassion or understanding of my situation. All they cared about was numbers (test scores, which I have virtually none worth mentioning), often I was even insulted or made fun of by some 25 yr. old counselor. Can any of you suggest schools in California, or even anywhere, were I could receive the right adult education counseling and encouragement? Were I could participate in the college community again? I've just had it with the East coast and the NY area in general. I also have course credits from at least 6 different colleges, including Swarthmore (my original school) NYU, Harvard summer, to many more to mention. Any one that would like to email me or start a dialogue my email is Yes, Like a total fool, I tried for all these years to break into the music industry. I was once a gifted singer and performer. I'm not sure I can sing anymore, and I know I don't want to be a music major. It would be good to hear from anyone out there that can make some suggestions. I have heard there are specialized programs for returning adults, but I cant seem to work my way through the maze of websites and programs available. I may just start by going to San Diego for winter and just taking anything to start, so I can be around the La Jolla campus area. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time everyone!

#523 - 11/25/2003 12:07 PM Re: Want a BA at 45 yrs Old
Admin Offline


Registered: 12/10/2008
Loc: California
Hi BeginAgain,

If you are looking for traditional college programs for adult students, check out the information in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

You can locate degree programs that offer credit for life experience and other credit options through College Connection: or Educational Advisory Services Online Advisor:
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#524 - 01/19/2004 14:20 PM Re: Want a BA at 45 yrs Old

I am 50 1/2 years old and will return next month in an adult B.S. in Bus. Adm program locally. I live in beautiful East Tennessee. We have a local state university and medical school in Johnson City where I live, plus 2 other colleges,one a technical (2 year) college and the other a Christian liberal arts school with an excellent reputation (Where I am enrolled). I can complete my degree in 18 months attending Tues evenings 6-10. It is specifically geared toward working adults. I suggest you look into it. Milligan College in Milligan or Johnson City Tennessee. The other one is Northeast State Technical Community College or East Tennessee STate University. Good luck! :D


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