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#527 - 01/18/2004 18:08 PM 25 year old freshman?
jen78 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/18/2004
Loc: Miami, FL
Hi everyone, My name is Jen I'm 25 and a little worried about getting back into school. I went through High School and I dropped out in 11th grade. My parents got divorced and I got a job so I could help my new single mother out with my 11 year old brother and 10 year old sister. Fast Forward 7 years and now here I am my younger brother who's 18 and a sister who's 17 just graduated and are now going to Florida International University and University of Miami. I feel like I sacrificed some GOOD years but I dont regret it because it was for family. I decided to FINALLY do something so I got my High School diploma just a few months back. I feel like it's my turn now. I'll admit Im worried. I dont know how Im going get into a good school. How they'll react to me not getting a HS diploma when I should have. Are there a lot of people in this same situation? If so how'd you do it? how'd it work out??? I just wanna know Im not the only person out there trying to jump head first into this. Anyone who has any advice please post.

#528 - 01/21/2004 05:57 AM Re: 25 year old freshman?
phd4me Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/21/2004
Loc: Texas
Hi Jen. Don't you worry 'bout a thang, okay?

There are many options for a person in your situation. My brother, who is also 25, has just begun college; he also dropped out of high school. He is making straight-As and is excited about his life again.

It could be that you will need to begin at a two-year institution, but, on the other hand, I've heard of four-year colleges/universities offering
one-year probationary periods also to non-traditional students. It could feel
intimidating to ask about these options when you talk to the admissions folks, but believe me, they've seen it all. You might even be surprised by their apparent indifference!

Best wishes,

#529 - 02/22/2004 02:24 AM Re: 25 year old freshman?

I'm so glad I read this post! I'm 24 and planning to go into college for the first time. Thank you Jen, I don't feel alone. and thank you Sarah for your encouragement! By the way there is a book called Adults returning to college, or something by that name which I found at the College section of my public library some months ago, which I found thorough and optimistic.

#530 - 02/28/2004 17:43 PM Re: 25 year old freshman?
brinybay Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/23/2004
I'll gladly trade either of you. I'm 50 and recently laid off and facing trying to get some re-training.

#531 - 06/04/2004 08:24 AM Re: 25 year old freshman?

Hey guys don't worry! I also had some families problems during high school-dad out of work,etc. So I barely made it through, but I did. Was living on my own since 17, I am now 24 and just finished my first semester of college with a 3.40 and still working full time! I have so much self esteem now and look forward to getting up everyday now! I still hate my job, but I just keep saying to me myself "this isn't forever!" I am longed to study/work with with the ocean environment and marine life, so I am in a Biology program at the local community college! I was nervous (seeing I am very shy)- but all worked out, and I was shocked how many older students there were (especially my night classes)! I love school and it was the best decision ever, I figured I had to do it for my own good!

I love the board, and want to wish all of you good luck in your studies and NEW futures!


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