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#574 - 07/18/2005 23:58 PM Finishing geology after 35 - is it ok?
Arli Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/18/2005

First, I am sorry for bad level of my not my mother-language so I will do my best to write this question.

I am thinking about going back to university and finish geology after almost 10 years pause.

I have "only" 9 exams left and final field-work but I am still very unsecure.

The reason I have this dilema is that I am not sure how employers usualy reacting when people in midle age aply first time for job in such field (engenering or science).

In my country (Serbia) going back to school after big pause is not so usual, so I can`t count on big support.

I really like geology, but for some reasons I had to stop studyng it and I worked 10 years as science journalist. Now, I have strong decission not to leave it unfinished (I spent 5 years studying it) but I am pretty confused and a litle bit afraid.


#575 - 09/08/2005 13:50 PM Re: Finishing geology after 35 - is it ok?
Admin Offline


Registered: 12/10/2008
Loc: California

Most undergraduate programs in engineering require you attend full-time. This often means that adult students who need to be employed full-time to support their families cannot attend a college or university for this major area of study. If you can attend full-time school, your age may be a factor with some institutions to gain admissions. However, every school varies on its admission criteria and with the “pool” of applicants you will be in competition with for admissions.

I’d contact colleges/universities that you are interested in attending and ask them about their admission process for engineering, and tell them that you will have your international transcripts evaluated to see if any of your education from Serbia can be transferred. You will need to pass a TOEFL test to determine your English language capabilities, so you may want to enroll with an ESL center at a local campus.
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