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#607 - 07/25/2005 14:15 PM Loan Vs. Tuition Advancement??
Luxie Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/25/2005
Loc: Midwest
Hi all,
I'm thrilled to find this board!

I'm hoping to return to college next year, after leaving in 2001 with a year and a half completed. I still have student loans (govt. ones) from my time in school. I have paid on them erratically (not done a good job). I filed for bankruptcy last year. Here's the problem:

I know I have to pay my federal loans back, but my lawyer has mentioned that one of them might be a "tuition advancement" and not a loan, and therefore will be wiped out by my bankruptcy.

Is there a way to tell the difference between tuition advancement and loan? She said that I would have signed a paper when I got the loan; well, that was almost six years ago and I don't remember. I hesitate to call anyone and ask because I don't know how impartial they will be... I feel they will tell me to pay all of the money back no matter what. I don't know where to turn to figure this out. I went to the student loan govt. website and it shows the amounts but it doesn't specify what might be a tuition advancement as opposed to a loan. Or if it is on that site, does that mean it was a loan?

My lawyer is too busy at this time to help me straighten this out. I have some money and would like to start repayments, but not on something that will be wiped out by bankruptcy anyways.
Can anyone help?

#608 - 07/26/2005 06:00 AM Re: Loan Vs. Tuition Advancement??
WildEEP Offline

Registered: 05/07/2004
Call your school and have them mail you a copy of your financial aid package that you recieved during your school years.

That aid package will tell you if you recieved any tuition advancement. Odds are you've got normal stafford loans though and those don't apply.

#609 - 07/27/2005 19:28 PM Re: Loan Vs. Tuition Advancement??
Luxie Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/25/2005
Loc: Midwest
That's a good idea. Thank you. I was worried about contacting the school since if it was a tuition advancement, they will be the ones not getting their money back. But I suppose they can't do much to me now.


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