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#696 - 03/22/2005 08:49 AM Changing careers - Math Help!!
Angie Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03/22/2005
Loc: Washington State
Hi, I am 49 and have decided to pursue my JOY. I am returning to school to become a Naturopath in Natural medicine. I figured that I have raised 4 children, and age and time is just a number. I have been in school now for 1 year and have found that my only challenge is understanding the concepts of the new math, Intergrated Algebra. My mind is skilled in clerical/reading. Math is "OK" as long as it is kept at the basics; but when "letters and variables" are thrown in it totally confuses me, because I want to know "why!" Does anyone feel me?
Can anyone help me GRASP this new math using the understanding of a Right brain mind? There has got to be a far I have taken a particular math class twice and just recently recieved a D- which I don't consider I will be taking again. I am persistent and determined to be successful in math since I need so much of it for my goals.

#697 - 03/22/2005 09:51 AM Re: Changing careers - Math Help!!
WildEEP Offline

Registered: 05/07/2004
Hit the local library and look up all their "learning math" books section. I honestly dont remember the decimal that falls under, but it'll be in the catalog.

Anywhoo, the reason most people fail at math versus english, science, etc, is that most other teaching styles that we've learned growing up have a lot to do with memorization. Math doesnt exactly work that way, dealing more with abstracts the higher you go.

Some research at my local library helped a lot in overcoming my math anxiety. There are a multitude of books on the subject and they all contain really good ways to teach yourself to understand college math.

#698 - 04/04/2005 12:15 PM Re: Changing careers - Math Help!!
AlaskaMechanical Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 04/04/2005
Loc: Wyoming Via Alaska
I don't know about the school that you're attending, but a lot of schools have Math Labs available (not to be confused with Meth Labs... shocked )
These are rooms that during certain hours have mathmatics students (usually grad) that can help you with some additional instruction. Sometimes a little one on one teaching can do wonders. It's something to look into. Good luck!

#699 - 04/08/2005 14:34 PM Re: Changing careers - Math Help!!
websitemuse Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 04/08/2005
Loc: Phoenix, AZ
Amazing really - just when you think you are the only one crazy enough to pack it all in make a new life for yourself...I find you. I will be 45 in October and have actually been taking clases for 20 years - one at a time, skipping semesters hear and there. I am tired of my soul aching because I insist on staying in a good, safe, well-paying corporate position when all I want to do is create websites :) You have all offered words of encouragement. I am glad I found you. Taking the first step is scary......
"To See What Few Have Seen You Have to Go Where Few Have Gone."


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