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#744 - 08/17/2005 21:25 PM Age Gap
kanarosurf Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/17/2005
Hi There!

#745 - 08/18/2005 04:40 AM Re: Age Gap
WildEEP Offline

Registered: 05/07/2004
Well the legal profession has a million I'm not quite sure where you see yourself falling into the legal profession. What field were you thinking about specializing in?

As for Universities - Any university that has a current outlook and isnt cloistered in the ideals of decades past is going to have NO problem with your age. In fact its more of a benefit to them since they know that you will probably be a more dedicated student & have a higher % of paying back your student loan rather than defaulting. =P

As for the workplace - Meh, comon now, you've had enough dead end jobs to know that when it comes to hiring take whats you can out of whats available. When people look at experience, its more than just lines on a resume..its an age thing too, even if they arent aware its an age thing. Being older projects that experience even if you don't actually have it. Go figure =P

I've never had someone ask me "When" I graduated, but more "IF" I graduated, and even when they ask in detail, they are more concerned what degree I graduated with. The only time I ever run into "When" is if the employer went to the same school and wonders if they knew me.


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