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#750 - 09/09/2005 19:20 PM Financial Aid Administrator woes
vdubstress Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/09/2005
Loc: Sacramento, CA
I filled out my renewal FASFA at the end of January, received my SAR and printed it. Filled out my Cal Grant GPA verification and sent that in by the deadline. My situation is a bit unique, I am 29 years old, which by all accounts makes me an independent student. I have a nine year old daughter, of whom I have sole legal and physical custody of. There is no child support court order, I buy everything for my daughter, I am solely responsible for her food, clothing, and transport to and from school, etc. We get by OK, slim, but OK. My Financial Aid Administrator (Melba) made an adjustment to my FASFA, she changed my family size to 1, and changed my number of dependents to 0. When I went to my schools Financial Aid Office, she explained to me that according to Financial Aid I have no dependents that receive more than half of their support from me. The justification she gave me for this was because my mother gave me $6,000 in 2004, technically she (my mother) was supporting my daughter, The $6,000 dollars is not a gift, I publish the newspaper for my mothers senior community, and do other various technical and handyman tasks that she (who is 65) is unable to accomplish. This is confusing, and very frustrating. I have searched the student aid website, and the FASFA website extensively, as well as the Students guide to Financial Aid and have found nothing that defines or clearly states what the boundaries are for this matter. If she is not considered to be my dependent child who receives half of my support, does that effect my family size? Should it be lowered to 1? I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions on this matter.

#751 - 09/16/2005 12:17 PM Re: Financial Aid Administrator woes
Admin Offline


Registered: 12/10/2008
Loc: California
Can you document that the $6000 was for employment or work services and not a gift? Do you and your daughter live independently from your mother in a separate residence?

It is important when filling out the FAFSA for financial aid that you be able to provide proof of income, expenses, etc. If your mother merely gave you the $6,000 and it was not documented or reported for tax purposes, etc., there is nothing to distinguish it from being a "gift". Do you have other employment/income other than assisting your mother and the senior community?
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