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#780 - 09/26/2005 18:49 PM Need Serious Help
SoldierEFX Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/26/2005
Hey guys, I know this forum concerns those who are going back to school, but the problem that I have may lead up to that in the forseeable future. It's a long story but here goes (I'll try to shorten it as much as possible)....

I feel right now that I've made alot of mistakes since high school and it depresses me every day and now I don't have much motivation to study at all even though I have one last semester left. Basically the story is that I ended up in a major (electrical engineering) that I never really wanted to do and I have struggled with it my entire time at school.

I'm so depressed at school and I'm the person that likes to hide my problems, so I haven't went to anybody to tell them about because I guess I'm embarrased. I feel there's so much pressuere on me to succeed being the first born child. Plus, there are problems back home with my sisters who are pretty much failing school as well. All this compounded with my mother being in depression about what has happened, just kills me. I feel so guilty since my mother has pretty much paid for most of my education and the money has been thrown down the drain.

Right now I have a 2.35 gpa, and I have a semester left, but my transcript is horrible. I've retaken about 10 classes or so after either withdrawing from them or failing them. Also I fnished my freshman year with about a 1.3 gpa so I had to work my way up. The advice my parents would give was to never switch my major, even thought I should have. I always thought I'd get back on track but it never happened. I never got the whole engineering concept from the beginning and it's come to bite me in the ass. Even to this day, when I'm in the lab, I feel lost and confused about what's going on.

I feel very depressed and I guess I'm just scared to face the real world because I don't know what to do (I know I wont get a job in my field), and I feel as if coming back to college to learn something else would help me later because I know of certain things that interest me now, like management and accounting (I'm taking some business classes to get a business minor) that I could possibly make a career in.

I'm sorry about the way I'm writing but I just dont know how to express my feelings in the most informative way possible, but I hope if anyone has time to read this that they can offer me some advice, which would really be appreciated.

#781 - 09/27/2005 06:46 AM Re: Need Serious Help
MermaidMom Offline

Registered: 08/03/2004
Loc: Twin Cities, MN

I just wanted to send you out a little support. It's sad that you hate what you are studying so much and feel unsuccessful.

My advice is this: Finish your degree in whatever field is quickest to finish it in. Future employers will not look at your grades, they simply want to know that you have a degree. Once your degree is complete, you have that and it can never be taken away.

Then look for a job. It doens't have to be in your field. Think about what you might like to do. Sort of a general entry level position in a company you like. Your degree (no matter what it's in) will help you get the job. Your performance will help you grow in the job. You can then take classes that will help your professional and/or growth.

This is coming from someone who has never worked in "the real world" and doesn't yet have her college degree. So if I am way off the mark, I'm sure one of the advisors here will give better advice.


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