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#852 - 12/21/2005 06:28 AM back to school
ChillyWilly Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 12/21/2005
Loc: Oakland/Los Angeles, CA
I had a revelation the other night. I was at a stagehand party the other night in SF, and as I was driving home I thought to myself, "Do I want to be a stagehand in 10 years?" No.
Here's my story...I studied drums/classical percussion all thru middle, high school and into college. I attended a very prestegious music conservatory on the east coast. After sophomore year, I decided to move back to CA and try to transfer to USC to do the percussion/music business degree thing. I took most of the GE classes at a community college. Then I came across a similar music business certificate program at UCLA (which I was more interested in pursuing). I decided to do that instead, save some money and just go out and work.
I have had a pretty good run so far, exploring different avenues in music business, tv production (e.g. PA) and concert production. This past summer/fall, I had the great opportunity to work on a tour with a legendary artist as a band tech and merch. assistant. My touring dreams came true.
So now that it is the holidays and I am really thinking and still deciding what it is I want to do, I am pretty damn sure I want to complete my degree someway, somehow. I know that I want to be involved and working around music from here on...whether it be performing or administrative type work or maybe in a creative way (e.g. recording, production). Any ideas for me?

#853 - 12/27/2005 18:41 PM Re: back to school
MidlifePhDStudent Offline

Registered: 12/27/2005
Loc: Southern California
Ask people you've worked with about their college experiences. Talk to music educators at different schools and colleges in your area about their alma maters.

Do you want to stay in your local area? Then your degree options are limited to what's available nearby. Get the catalogs and check them out.

If you would consider moving, start doing online research into the types of degree programs avaialble to you as an undergrad, and where they are offered. As you find music and performing arts programs that look interesting, try to take trips to the campuses and talk to the students, professors, and marching band leaders (who may have scholarship money available).

And finally, as you begin to consider your options, look at the music scene in the nearby towns, to see if it looks like one you would enjoy being part of.
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