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#863 - 01/04/2006 15:02 PM Web Page Design Education/ Career Change
Arv Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/04/2006
Loc: North Eastern, Utah
I'm living in a rural area acting as a care giver for my aging father. I have a bachelors degree in Electronics Engineering Technology -Something that does not fulfil my desires in a career mainly because of the location of where I want to live and basically what I perceive as a collapse in the Electronics Engineering industry since 911 and further destimulated, I suppose, by a bitter departure from my last job.

I want to further my education in Web Page design. I have a brick and mortar college 120 miles from here- UVSC in Provo, UT offers distance learning courses. I think they're kind of pricy -about $400-1500 each for 3 courses ($1200-1500. They're accredited. But there is no instruction for things like Dreamweaver or Photoshop.-Sticking mainly to basics such as HTML or XHTML. I know this basic stuff is important. But do the professionals use the Tools like Dreamweaver or Sausageware for developing web sites or do they just pound it out with the HTML?

Recently, I found online. They seem to have a great selection of courses including courses that I feel would prepare me in a professional way. They are a guild for web page designers. However, the "Guild" seems more like bait than an actual Guild offering benefits such as help in marketing an individual to persons that need such services. -Something, I know that the Piano Guild offers its members (I inquired regarding marketing benefits) Also, in contrast to the traditional college, they have no accreditation. This hurts because, if later I need to tweak my career direction towards marketing, I would like all my previous work to count.

Anybody have any feedback on EWG or a distance learning web page design course that has some accreditation that is perhaps kind of self paced?
Something that is based on design for marketing?

I know that I'm kind of an idea person- good at taking old technologies and adapting them to do modern things. I want to market those ideas.
But I need bread and butter work to allow me to exist and invest in these other ideas.
Kim Commando, the computer expert recently advised another individual in a similar frame of mind to just give somebody a percentage of the take and let them do all the web site design and management. But I think I'm too self reliant and too closely held kind of a business person to want to do that. I seem to have a ton of inspiration that comes to me on the fly that makes what I do excell. I don't think I could ever predesign the high quality I would want by having someone else do the work for me.

Thank you all in advance for any feedback on this career change/modification.

#864 - 01/05/2006 08:02 AM Re: Web Page Design Education/ Career Change
MidlifePhDStudent Offline

Registered: 12/27/2005
Loc: Southern California
Arv, It used to be possible to be a good web designer just by knowing html, and being able to use a program like Front Page or Dream Works. You can still do a passable job with those, (yes, even a designer who usees web design software should know how to read and tweak html code).

These are easy skills to learn, if you are self-motivated, and have a high tolerance for frustration. It also helps to have a high speed internet connection (you will publish a page and look at it many, many times before you are satisfied). You might want to start your learning process with a couple of "how to" books.

With an existing degree and a portfolio of working designs, you should have no problem breaking into the field at an entry level.

But since the early days when I first learned html, web design has gone "multi-media" in a big way, with audio, video, still images, animation, text, lots of interactive content.

Some educational programs focus on multmedia skills, directly, and offer associate and bachelor level degrees. Others, like instructional technology, or educational technology embed multimedia classes in their degree programs.

I don't know anyhing about the online school you found, but you might want to do another search and include "multimedia" as a term. These days, a topnotch webdesigner not only needs the tech skills, but also some undertanding of graphic design and media presentation, so make sure your program of choice covers those subjects as well.

I think it is very wise of you to be putting your time now to this use. It will definitely pay off for you in the future.
If little else, the brain is a fine educational toy.


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