Hello all.
I am new to online communities. So, I'm going to need some guidance (and patience....)
I am building up my courage to go back to school for a masters degree in computer information systems. But it's a long way from the bachelors degree in home economics education back in '78!!

Why do I want to do this?

The obvious answer is to increase my earning power for the remainder of my earning years.... I'm a human services planner/grant administrator in the aging field. (think "meals on wheels", Medicare part D...) Not a high paying field. I also have to work a part time job. I'm divorced and have two great sons. Older just graduated with a computer science degree, younger is at home trying to figure out what he wants to do...

But, the greater motivation is the passion I feel about the need for technology in my field and the tremendous gap I have seen between those with great capacity and knowledge and those out in the field, trying to serve the frail elderly.

So many small non-profits out there, doing great work......always a fight for state and federal dollars. The baby-boomers are coming....there are limited dollars to meet the need....the aging services network has got to work smarter and technology is part of that.

But there are so few people in my field that have the technology background and the appreciation for the "end user". The staff at that little non-profit organization whose real strength is doing whatever it takes to get that frail elder to their doctors appointment 40 miles away!!

I think I appreciate both.

But there is sooooo much to learn........

Any thoughts or encouragement?