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#968 - 02/27/2006 16:42 PM Lost
inabi Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/07/2003
Loc: ohio
Hello all

I have a slight problem when trying to go back to college. It's kind of hard to explain but I'll try to write it so it makes sense.

I graduated high school in 1999 and have since tried to go to a college online. It was okay but not really what I was looking for. They charged way too much and even now I owe them still. Problem is, the only reason I left is because I got behind on the payments because of a layoff and couldn't afford to pay them as much as they wanted a month to keep up. I tried getting scholarships but they didn't have any that applied to me and financial aid covered as much as it was going to and that didn't do it. So now, every day I sit and wish I could go back to school, any school for that matter and get my degree in either Network Administration or Animation (the latter being my dream). My real question is, how do I go back to a school when I can't get a loan of any sort to pay for all of it (bad credit/no house to borrow from/just me working full time/no help from parent) and when I am still trying to pay off the college confused ? Won't another school look at that and tell me no? Plus should I even think about trying again or just pay off westwood and try to go back to another school once it's paid off in 2-3 years?

In addition, if I do try to go back, because my credit is crap, does anyone know of any good companies that will loan money alternatively to students with bad credit?

Thanks for any help that you guys can assist. If it sounds like I'm just afraid of being rejected because of financial status then that would be correct frown
Egyptian Tigress

#969 - 03/01/2006 15:22 PM Re: Lost
tt82 Offline

Registered: 10/16/2005
When you apply for federal financial aid they do not use your credit score. However, you can not have any defaulted student loans.

Check out this website:

#970 - 03/19/2006 06:42 AM Re: Lost

I know someone who was in your same position.

Get a good spreadsheet program, call on all of your school debts and see if you can make payment arrangements. Write it all down and develop a plan.

If you nibble at it a bit at a time you will be progressing toward your goal and there is a good chance that your "standing" with the college will change and will no longer carry a bad reflection.

Another suggestion. Endear yourself to the colleges that you are in debt with. Can you work off your debt?

Meanwhile work on CLEPS. It is something you can do while you are preparing to get rid of your debt. That way you will not be any further behind academically.

Good luck.


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