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#978 - 03/05/2006 04:32 AM Back (finally) after 7 years! Transcript shelf life?
jen g Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03/05/2006
Loc: canton, oh
Hello, all! Here is my story, hopefully someone has a similar one and can offer me advice.

I went to college late, started in 96 at age 25. I was in a BSN program at a state university in Ohio. I completed 3 years and became ill. I was diagnosed with cancer in fall 1999 and abruptly withdrew from school. I have been cancer free for 2 years now, gratefully.

I met with a counselor last year at a new school closer to my home who said 99% of my transcripts were transferrable. This school has an ADN nursing program and you can work your clinicals locally on the weekend (which is why I wanted to switch schools, as I want to keep my job ((health benefits)) while finishing.)I also have 2 children.

2 semesters and I will be done.
Glitch #1- I figured we had sucessfully consolidated all my previous student loans. Apparently 1 school loan wasn't consolidated and the school put a transcript hold on them.
I FINALLY got them paid last week and am going to request them next week.

Is there anything else I should potentially expect?
My biggest worry is how long all that previous education is transferrable for . Getting into their program doesn't worry me, as I am confident in my abilities towards my education, it is just getting past all these road blocks that is unnerving and tiring.

The cost of finishing will pale in comparisonto the student loans I have already racked up, and I expect to pay the 8-10credit hours out of my savings so as to avoid that nightmare.
Can anyone offer and forsight or hindsight? jen g

#979 - 03/08/2006 22:07 PM Re: Back (finally) after 7 years! Transcript shelf life?
Admin Offline


Registered: 12/10/2008
Loc: California
Jen, we have a couple of great articles addressing this issue and also some information on credit transfer in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Website.

Getting Full Credit:

Roll the Credits:

From the FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ), in regards to older college credits, some colleges have a time limit for transferring credits from other institutions, while others have no time limit as long as you passed the course. The answer depends upon your academic major and the university you want to attend, but usually most courses (core curriculum required of all majors such as English, History, Math, and general Science) will not need to be repeated. However, programs that have changed significantly over the years because of technology and other advances (i.e., Computer Science, Engineering, and similar disciplines), may require an upgrade of skills. Have your transcript submitted for evaluation by an admissions counselor and get a credit evaluation. As the number of adults going back to school after 10 or 15 years is large and continues to grow, universities are more accustomed to accommodating these requests.
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