I have been thinking of learning a trade and recently became interested in becoming a Radiological Technologist. There are community colleges and some 4year medical universities that offer this program, but im interested more in the community college level. After researching the program at different schools, it turns out that the program is super booked up at every school in my area with at least a two and a half year waiting list to be accepted and then another two and half years to finish the program, eventually earning a A.S. degree in it. Now here is my question. After looking for more schools that offer the program I came across a medical trade school in Chula Vista, CA by the name of PIMA Medical Institute, I called and ask them a few questions, they also have a waiting list but is by far shorter then the community college waiting lists I have seen. How do I find out if this is a reputable school or if its just a joke school trying to scam money and leave you with a unaccredited education? They have 8 or 9 campuses spread out in a few states and the website kind of looks like a sales pitch. Any help would be great.