Interesting question you have here. I have taken classes over again and achieved better grades which in turn took the previous sub-standard grade out of the calculation of my GPA, but they did not make the classes disappear from my transcripts. Certain schools also offer a procedure called academic renewal, that allows you to petition to have grades of D and F removed from your transcripts when you have shown recent improvement. Another problem you might run in to is that you already graduated and I believe some schools do not accept people wanting a second four year degree.

Transferring credits to a different school is the students responsibility. But when you apply they always ask if you have attended other schools. I don't know if you leave that blank there is a way for them to know you have completed credits at a different institution.

Since the UC and Cal State system is ran by the state I would think your best bet would be a private university. Call the schools you are interested in and ask them directly. Have you previously applied to med school?