New here. 43 and deciding I want my degree. I've always felt beneath the rest of the world for not having a degree and I have decided it's time. I am I am going to start this Fall, community college, online AA and then move to a 4 year for BA. And now that I have that figured out I have to deal with the scary part.

The reason I never went to college is that I never thought I was smart enough. I now know this is ridiculous and the problem was actually that my school sucked, not me. I know that if I take the placement tests for math and english that I will have to take multiple remedial classes that will take up time and dollars I don't want to spend. I would prefer to study on my own until I feel I can get in to the 100 level classes. I have found math.com to very helpfull for math, but I cannot find an equivelant for english. The only reason I know what a noun is, is from watching Sesame Street, and a pronoun, forget it. Pathetic I know but I need to go back a ways. Most of the english courses I find on the web are diredtied towards ESL and that is not what I need.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?