I have noticed similar questions on the forum, so I apologize in advance for repetition.

I am 39 years old and beginning college for the first time, in hopes of completing a BA. I am married with three small children and am considering going to school full time to complete my degree in quicker order. I will be starting at the community college level to keep expenses down. I have multiple questions:

1) Has anyone been through similar circumstances? If so, how did you do it, how did your financial situation work out?

2) I am looking at Tuition Answer loan for 40k through SallieMae to help offset personal expenses while I attend college (assuming I will be working PART TIME, since full time will not be feasible). How have your loans worked out (if you have completed your degree) and has anyone used a similar type of loan?

3) Have you seen a strain on the household by spending so much time studying and attending classes? While it will offer “flexibility” to take part in some things I normally cannot, what are the negatives?

I have already compiled a somewhat extensive list of pros and cons, but am seeking further input from those who have attempted and succeeded in this venture or who may be working through these challenges currently.

Thanks in advance for the input and recommendations. Any other advice is also welcome.