Ok, so after months of trying to decide...and with some helpful feedback from here...I filed my paperwork...and was accepted in the Chemistry program!! grin

I'm still feeling "old" (31) to be starting this program, but my heart and head keep wanting to learn all the chem, math, and physics that I can squish in my noggin'...it's what I enjoy and I want to have a happy and fulfilling life - despite the age I'm starting at. I'll just have to keep telling myself that! (Easier said than done).

As for after the B.S. is done...THAT I haven't decided. And won't even try for a couple years...grad school, doctoral programs and medical school all sound interesting... I'll just 'dream' on that for now. wink

Thanks for the help! grin
Returned to college after many years away...enjoying it, but struggling to learn. :)