Hey all i'm new to the site and read some great feed backs and just had to join. Okay here's where I need some advise. I am 37yrs old and a mom of 3. I am really considering going back to school and have been for some time. I'm looking into online classes to start because my little one is 3yrs old. Okay here comes the question... I have 36 hours in Criminal Justice and obviously i'm too old to persue an officers position which is what I wanted some 19 years ago. I want something in demand and that if need be I can support myself and my 3 kids if somehting were to ever happen in my marriage. I'm not looking to be rich but looking for stability and not have to worry about living week to week. Obviously at my age an associates is probably my first stepping stone. Just to adjust going back to school but I have been in the Transportation field for the past 20 years as far as my career. I'm looking for some opinions on what else is out there that may fit my needs as far as through your personal experiences. How crazy am I 37yrs old and not a clue of what I want to do? I know it but any input would be great and appreciated!

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