Well, here's a quick overview of my situation. I'm 41 and have been separated for 3 yrs. Divorce has been filed but is not complete. Should be finalized in the next 6 months. I work full-time and have my 3 kids with me full-time (father lives out of state). My income is such that I would qualify for a Pell grant (based on calculator). My question is, since I am still married will his income need to be taken into account? Not sure if this is necessary or not but I filed my income taxes as head of household and not married filing separately. I would like to attend part-time to begin with & see how that goes since I am working full-time. If all goes well I'd like to go full-time but don't know if I can handle it. Do you think it will be a problem getting assistance since my divocre isn't finalized yer? Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I am eager to return to schol ASAP and don't want to wait until divorce is final unless I absolutely have to.
Thanks for your help!