Hello everyone. I'm looking for some input because frankly I'm confused. Situation briefly: I'm 34. After high school I landed a data entry job at a Enginnering firm. I was promoted to Inspection, sent to tech school to support that, then was promoted to a Production Control/Project Management position. I was 29, flying around the country visiting Lockheed Martin, Boeing, United Defense, etc. I loved it. Personal life went real wrong and I went in a spiral. I was arrested for a serious felony and spent the last 4 1/2 years in prison. Now I'm out and cannot find work. I got turned down for an $8.00/hr job at a liquor store. I always excelled in school and want to go back, possibly starting with an AA in business to pad my experience, and see where that takes me. But I'm wondering if I should steer more blue collar. Anyone know others with criminal pasts that went back?