Sam is right. Move on. Change your "energy" climate to a more positive one, meaning associating with people who want to further their lives. Take note, and do the same. We all have messed up in some aspect of our lives. Even me, or I wouldn't have tried to find this forum. However, we all have different issues, and different platforms we come in on when it is a competitive game of education of trying to get in with the masses. However, it is your future, so obtain it. We do not compete nationally anymore, but internationally. If you are truly maturing, you will be psychologically sound in assessing that a break is sometimes needed, but buckle down and study when you have to. Find your passion. It isn't all about what career makes money, but what moves you, and you will be successful because it is evident you know your stuff. Relax, get educated, and remember, it is more of us in this world regaining ourselves to make our futures brighter!:)