Hi all, I'm posting this for my mother. She's 49 years old and went to Queens College, a public college in New York City, 30 years ago. Short of scholastic motivation, which I blame mainly on the school she attended, she dropped out and worked at a Diet Counseling center for ten years after (from '81 to '91). She was able to hold a decent position there without a bachelor's degree. She then had me in '91 and stopped working to raise me.

Now she isn't exactly sure what she would like to do. She has about 100 credits at Queens College, but she doesn't know what to use them towards. She was thinking about going back for Diet Counseling, but we aren't sure whether or not new degree requirements have been put into effect since then.

Based on this, I have three questions:
1) What degree(s), if any, would one need to obtain in order to work as a Diet Counselor?
2) Are there any schools in NYC that specialize in this field? My mom doesn't want to go back to Queens College because she didn't feel motivated while attending that institution. Perhaps a new, encouraging school would be enough to help her along to her goal.
3) Is there any related field that someone interested in Diet Counseling might thrive in? My mom still isn't sure if she wants to commit to this field. If there's any job that involves helping others, is highly rewarding, and can be secured without satisfying an unreasonable number of academic requirements, I am highly interested.

Thanks a bunch. This is my first post, and I'm highly grateful that this community of returning college students exists. Thank you all in advance.

- Ben M. (for Jill)