I already finished a two year degree and received a Associates degree in Multimedia. Since I graduated I spent 3 years just living with my mom and working at a retail store. After I went to my 10 year HS reunion I wanted to go to school again. I stumbled upon a university that might help. I took a tour of the campus today then I applied later on. I was thinking of getting a Bachelors in Moving Image Arts (or in other words, Film) They have a great campus. There are actually two schools in the US that have their own studio where real movies are made and this school happens to be one of them. It might be rough. I don't know if I can get any jobs from this. I told them I would like to work in post production for a major studio and edit the audio and video. Since I have another degree that is pretty close to it. I am debating with myself if I should push myself to get this degree. I owe tuition for my other school still and this school will even be alot more. What do you think I should do?