I was in high school back in 2000. I was set to graduate in June. I made a HUGE mistake and ended up spending too much time with my then boyfriend so my grades were slipping. I knew I was failing and felt like I couldn't pull my grades back in time. So in March of 2000, I left my high school. I started taking GED classes and got my GED that same summer that I would have graduated. The guy I was with at the time dropped out of college so I never went. We ended up breaking up 2 years later. I have been working since I was 18. I have a full time administrative assistant job that I have had for over 7 years now.

Recently, I started thinking about going to college so I can do what I really want to do, which is get in the medical field. I want to be a physical therapist for children. I am 28 years old. It has been 10 years since I was in school. I am nervous and anxious all at the same time. Is there anyone here who can help me out? I mean I know what college I want to go to and I even know the degree I want to accomplish. What's my next step??? I am so glad I found this site where there are others out there just like me!!!!!!