I am a twenty-one year old senior currently attending St. John's University. I live on campus forty miles away from my hometown. I am majoring in Accounting, which at first I liked because I did well in high school but it became clear that I set expectations that were too high for myself. I have done commendably in my first two years but grades have steadily slipped since my junior year began. I managed to get into a five-year Masters program on probation that demands a B-average which I have struggled to maintain. I have already registered for the upcoming spring semester but the classes I took in the fall (3 undergrad, 2 grad, 15 credits total) have dented my GPA considerably. I am highly considering a new focus and have thought about pursuing a career in music or writing instead, which my school does not offer. I have talked about this with my dean who recommends I finish an Accounting bachelor's degree and transferring.

Any help would be appreciated.