I'm 24 years old and live in NJ. I was put on homebound when I was in high school because of insomnia (no lie) I attempted to go back my junior year but ended up failing because of attendence, not grades. So I graduated in 2005 instead of 2004. I was quite the pot head after that so I was quite the slacker until I started working at a casino. What started as a part time job that I was only planning on workin at for a few months turned into 4 years way too quick. But in this recession we're in I was forced to leave my job, but instead of being down about it, I'm seein it as a blessin in disguise. Finally a full time chance to go back to school. My fiance' and numerous others are tryin to convince me to go for medical billing, nurses aid or x ray tech. I'm not hating on anyone who is working those fields but they're just not for me. If I go back to school I want to fulfill my dream. I want to be a Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Problem is I can't figure out what it takes to be one in the state of NJ. I tried looking it up online numerous times but every site is different. Also money. My umemployment hasn't kicked in yet and its nearly impossible to talk to anyone at that place. So if anyone could please help me fullfill my dreams it would be most definately appreciated!

For those interested theres a reason I want that as a career. Not only am I suffering from the "disease" ( 4 years clean thank you very much grin) but I've seen too many people die or suffer because of it. And I'm not just talking about the one with the addiction. The families as well. I want to prove to others that it is possible to lead a normal life without drugs. That I understand its an easy escape from problems, but its only temporary, and there are more problems after ingestin the drugs. I heard a quote in a movie once that I before thought was funny but now find it rather sad.. I can't remember exactly what it is at the moment and its not up on the internet but it's something like "See, there's the difference between our problems. You're out there worrying about this and that when all I'm worried about is my next hit". Now that I'm looking from the outside I realize how entirely false that is. I had no money, if I did it went to drugs, so there was no food or drinks in my house. Pathetic. But I climbed my way out and I would love nothing more then to help others do the same. My best friend in the whole world died because of it. I know I can't bring him back or put roofs over my friends' heads who are now homeless. But if I can save just ONE life that'll give my life a reason.

Again even if you know the what it takes for another state, give me some kind of insight, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thank You

Wish you all a great New Year!