Hi. I am 26 years old. I have 2 kids ages 3 and 5. Recently I started having a desire to go to college. I was hoping to get some thoughts and opinions from an outsider's perspective. If I am going to go back to school, the biggest factor for me is the pay. I want a good paying career. I know all too well the consequences of having no money in this economy. I also want a career that is in demand, no matter how bad the economy is, for job security. I have kids to take care of, ya know! So I do have a few in mind. My top choice would have to be a dentist for several reasons. First, a dentist is most likely always going to be needed. Second, it pays verry well. Third, there is no residency (unlike medical school). Fourth, I can open my own practice and be my own boss. I have to assess the cons here as well. Maybe some of you can prove otherwise. I have heard this profession has the highest suicide rate of any profession. (I've also "heard" this about psychiatrists, and a few others, so not sure how true this statements is). Another downer is the fact it takes 4 years to get a bachelor's degree and 4 more years of dental school, which I hear is highly competitive to get into considering there are roughly 56 dental school in the U.S. alone. I am a little squeamish (I tend to gag when grossed out, but that's it) but I definitely think I can get over that. I've come a long way since having kids, that's for sure hahaha. I can handle mouths, just not anything else (like being a nurse, I commend those folks who can do it). My head's in the game and I'm determined as ever to pursue a high paying better career! I just want to choose the right one, its a BIG decision! I just wanted to gain some support, advice, tips, opinions from this forum to help me along my path. Judging from what I've mentioned above, any other career suggestions? What about for less school (if that's even possible lol)? I am willing to go to school for that long, though.