I graduated in 2006 with a Bachelors Degree in Art Design. Last year I changed my path, and have been pursuing my Herbalist Certificate. As of September, 2011 I will have completed this herbalism program, and will have a 2 year apprenticeship certificate. Since Herbalism is not yet a recognized practice in the United States, I have been considering alternative paths to complement this knowledge.
Recently I've decided I would like to study Botany, but do not know the best way to do so. It's been 5 years since I graduated. Would any of these credits transfer? Is it best for me to go back to school for a second bachelors degree? My hope is that credits would transfer, and I would be able to complete my second undergrad in only 2 years. Or would it be possible to get accepted into a masters program? Feeling like I've been out of the schooling system a bit too long, and are out of date on the way the education system works. Does anyone have advice on this topic and the best way to pursue going back to school?
Thank You!!

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