Hi all,

I am a 26 year old student at a state college. I use to be a prepharm major but have changed my career goals due to my poor academics. I received D's and F's in my science classes and have failed organic chemistry 3 times due to poor attendance. Last semester was my first time getting ok grades...all A's except for my D in organic chemistry. My teachers and advisors all put me down, have laughed at me and told me this isn't for me and to find another career. I have messed up badly and wish I could start over. I plan on applying to a masters program in counseling instead, but am envious of my pharmacist (where I still volunteer at) and of all my friends that are in pharmacy school. I keep telling myself that pharmacy isn't for me and keep trying to convince myself that it is a boring job and reminding myself all the negative feedback I receive from pharmacists. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP me with some words of wisdom, I am so lost on my career goals and don't know if I should still pursue pharmacy. I keep going in circles and don't know what my next step should be. If I do pursue pharmacy, how can I possibly start over? If I don't, how can I make my envious feelings of being a pharmacist go away?

Thank you for all your time,
-Feelings of a lost student