I have a dilemma. In the last couple of years I have moved multiple times, and shortly after attending a university for two years I ran out of money and had to go to work. I have 30 transferable basic/general courses, but my GPA from that particular university is not very good due to a death in the family and the inability to drop classes.

Regardless, I no longer live in that state and have decided to go back to school and have the financial means to do so. I am not a resident of this new state, and have only lived here for one month. My boyfriend and I are hoping to move soon so I am not interested in jumping straight into a university. Thus, I am looking to attend a community college and do one of two things, and here's where I need the advice:

I am still on the fence about my major, leaning more towards business management and here are my options..

Option A: Work towards a transfer degree, and try to accomplish doing so in the remainder of the time I live in my current state (which will be no more then two years) and from there, transfer into a University and finish attaining a bachelors degree.

Option B: Work towards getting an Associate's Degree and from there applying to a University and working towards a bachelors.

The questions I have are, which is easier and will be more beneficial for me in the long run trying to get into a Univ? I have heard that getting an Associate's Degree basically sets you back to the beginning, and as far as Admissions goes you apply like a Freshman and not a transfer student. This could ultimately be good or bad for me, depending on where it is I am applying to. A fresh start is always great, but in doing well to attain my degree or credits at a community college and getting a good GPA, I would hope that would reflect positively on myself.

Another question, do some universities frown upon a student who has an excessive amount of college credits to transfer?

I am meeting with an adviser at a local community college in the upcoming week but I was wondering if there is anyone out there that has been in the same situation as me, wondering the same questions that could possibly shed some light on what direction I should take, or any other helpful tid-bits. Thank you in advance for your time and responses!